“a very gentle soul and, at the same time, very tough. That’s a rare combination. He is a fantastic father to his daughter, Kate, and he’s a terrific still photographer. He knows all about printing, Photoshop, all those things that I seem to take so much time to figure out.”

Owen Roizman, ASC

5 time Academy Award Nominee

"Francis has a ton of ​experience shooting digital and fully understands the technology involved.  Some DP’s I’ve met have an almost religious devotion to shooting in shallow focus, but both those film traditions originated in technological limitations.  24 frames was the fastest that early film projectors could be made to run reliably, and the shallow focus tradition arose from slow color films that, decades ago, required you to open up the lens.  Francis and I started from the opposite position that digital is a powerful tool capable of delivering very high quality images if you don’t inhibit it.  According to our philosophy, shooting at 24 frames to make a television film “look like film” and using ND filters to shallow up your focus is like recording in mono in hopes your record will sound like early Elvis Presley.  Francis really understands the technology, and, combined with his terrific aesthetic sense, gave us spectacular results."

Timothy Ferris

"To Francis. A true American Patriot.  It was such a privilege for me to work with you during the producing of the Bush documentary.  Your tremendous expertise and insight were invaluable, And your selfless commitment to the cause inspiring.  My warmest personal wishes in all the years ahead to someone who is not only a giant in his field of cinematography by more imortantly, and honorable human being."

Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecutor of Charles Manson and author of the book Helter Skelter

Timothy Ferris is the scientist who produced the record that was put inside the Voyager 1 Spacecraft and sent into deep space.  He is also a Guggenheim Fellow, Professor Emeritus at Berkeley, has won the Klumpke-Roberts Award, the American Institute of Physics Medal, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow Award